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Car racing is a mania that requires passion and dedication. It is an expression, a raw heat of competition about men and their machines. And we love it for the thrill it brings. 


We love cars and see them as prisms and the focal point through which we express our passion. We love their designs, the liveries, and their purpose. And we know you love them too. That is why we are here to bring you all the latest trends, news, and everything “Car Racing.”

We are dedicated to sharing the sheer perfection of every moment, the artistry of every car racer, and the flawless motions of their speed machines. Our work is to take you to every car race through a detailed analysis of the sport and prompt reporting of events and results. Do you want to be alive? Do you ache to be there? We have the unordered run-down of the meanest, unforgiving, and utterly most incredible machines to ever grace the motorsport world. You won’t miss a thing!

About Car Racing and Car Racers

Car racing is everything. The competitive wins in various series, the sponsorships, and roaring cars make us, cars and racing enthusiasts, feel alive. From the World Series to Wimbledon, every race has a prestigious event you would never want to miss. The events determine who the best in the game is. Drivers from all over the world have shown their passion by going against each other to see who takes home the career-defining titles. 

From NASCAR to Formula One, we outline everything car racing and car racers for and by car enthusiasts. Here are some of the most famous car races we cover:

Monaco Grand Prix

The annual Formula One Monaco Grand Prix is a thing of beauty. The cars wave through the streets of Monaco as drivers navigate tight corners, elevation changes, and tunnels. We will keep you informed of every car that fits annual rule changes, the results, and developing news.

Indianapolis 500

IndyCar is a famous open-wheel car racing that cars and car racing lovers must know. Our teams will take you through the 200 laps counterclockwise around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and kiss with you the conventional brick finish line.

24 Hours of Le Mans

Do you love the Grand Prix of Endurance and Efficiency? The 24 Hours of Le Mans is a car race that finishes the Triple Crown of Motorsport (along with the Indy 500 and Monaco Grand Prix), and we can’t let anything about it pass you.

Different Kinds of Car Race

Racing has often been part of the automotive industry. We love to witness every win, every series, and sponsorships. Car racing has evolved with time than just watching the fast car drive around the tracks. We have seen iconic 24-hour races, rallies, and quarter-mile drag races. If you ever want to look into car racing, here are the best series that will make you feel complete:

The Open-Wheel

The Sports Car

The Touring Car

The Production Car

The Stock Car

The Rallying

The Drag

The Simulation

Car Racers

They say the first car race was held when the second car was manufactured, with the sport dating back centuries. Through this time, very many drivers have taken to the roads, tracks, and circuits. Many are forgotten, while others remain the bonafide legends of car racing. Regardless of which competition they have participated in, Fernando Alonso, Mario Andretti, Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, and Sébastien Loeb, among others, remain adored as the best in the world of cars and speed. 

Keep it here for more car racing news and fun facts, competitions, and other cool stuff. 

History of Car Racing

Car racing is an age-old profession and sport practiced worldwide on many roads, tracks, and closed circuits. The events include Grand Prix, speedway racing, stock-car racing, sports-car racing, drag, hill climbs, and anything in the calendars of the Federation Internationale de l’ Automobile (FIA). 

This artistry began after the invention of the gasoline-fueled combustion engine in the 1880s. The first organized car racing competition was held in 1894 in France for 50 miles and won with an average speed of 10.2 mph. In the United States, car racing began in 1895 with an 87 km race from Chicago to Evanston, Illinois, and back. The modern-day car racing began in 1901 with the Automobile Club de France organizing the first Bennett Trophy and 1906 when the first French Grand Prix Race at Le Mans was established. What followed was the first speedway for car racing in 1906 at Brooklands and Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909 to what we have now. 

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