Cleaning guide for sports cars � inside and out

This article will teach you why it is best to wash your car yourself to get an excellent result. For those without a yard, there is the possibility of removing your vehicle in front of your residential building or self-carwash locations. It might be a little more complicated, but it can be done. This is a guide that covers everything about cleaning a sports car without damaging it. The reason why you should read more about this topic is that not all cleaning materials are suitable for rubbing the surface of a vehicle. Scratches and stains are the least results you want to obtain after washing the car on your own. There is no wonder why you should invest in better cleaning products and essential in an exemplary water softener.

Water softeners
Do not use the dishwasher or other household cleaning liquid for your sports car. Instead use water softeners for washing Sports car, which is specifically designed for this purpose. Car paint contains protective elements and the chemical agents in dishwashing or carpet shampoo can destroy these. Over time, the color may lose its gloss. So, it would best to use a car shampoo found at any supermarket or car parts shop, along with the water softener.

Use sponges

Do not use textile cloths when washing your car. It leaves stains behind and the final result will be compromised. The best choice is a soft sponge of a generous size. You’d better have two one for thresholds and dirty areas and the other for the rest of the cars bodywork. This avoids the risk of scratching the paint on the surface of your vehicle. If you drop the sponge on the floor, rinse it well before using again. Do not use the sponge to make circular movements on the cars surface. This can result in fine scratches that are difficult to remove. It is best to soap the car by moving the sponge over the entire length of the bodywork.

Apply polish or wax once a year

Once you have finished washing and the car is clean and shiny, it would not be a bad idea to apply a protective layer of polish. This should be done at least once a year. It is not very complicated and can be done at home. If you do not have time, you can use professional car services. Following this step for a sports car is imperative.

Use interior steam cleaning

Over time, if you eat and drink in the car. Stains will appear on the upholstery. For cleaning, it is best to use a steam appliance. The alternative is laundry cleaning, but you have to possess the patience until the padding dries. Do not forget to use the vacuum cleaner and the dust cloth for a perfect interior finish.

Clean the windows last

Once youve finished with the rest of the car, it’s time to clean the windows. More specifically, the inside of the windows. For this, we need a window cleaning product (it does not necessarily have to be a car solution, any sprayer is good) and a lot of paper towels. The result will be sparkling.