Car Racing 101: How to Protect Your Sports Car

A high-performance car is an exciting purchase due to the performance, handling, and thrill of driving.


A supercar comes with higher running costs such as inflated road tax and insurance premium, larger parts and maintenance outlay, and higher fuel consumption.

Moreover, sports cars are a target of thieves because they?re valuable.

Therefore, it?s important to understand what it takes to maintain and protect a higher performance engine.

Sports cars differ in size and shape, driving position, handling, noise levels, and visibility. Whether you own a petrol-guzzling powerhouse such as the Ferrari 488 or a fuel-friendly hot hatch, it takes proper maintenance, upkeep, and protection to keep your car in a good condition.

Here?re ways to protect your exotic sports car and keep it in top shape.

Top 6 Ways to Protect Your Sports Car

  1. Perform Regular Checkup and Maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that everything is running well in your sports car. It reduces the chances of ending up in an accident and causing serious damages to your car.

Check your tires regularly because driving at fast speeds exerts extra pressure on them. Rotate the tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, and check the pressure and wear, and tread depth for optimal performance.

Clean your hood regularly. Use a premium hood cleaner to remove grime and dirt off the fabric hood of your soft-top convertible. The fabric is susceptible to damage if not cleaned properly. Use a re-proofer to protect your hood from dirt and grime.

Wash and wax your sports car regularly to keep it clean and looking its best. Waxing protects the body against fading paintwork and corrosion. Your low-riding high-performance sports car is susceptible to corrosion and rust from debris it accumulates from the road. Wash it, especially the wheel wells and undercarriage.

Check your brake fluid, oil, coolant and power steering fluid regularly to track the level of your sports car fluids. Coolant protects your car from corrosion and rust, including extreme temperatures. This ensures that your sports car is safe in the garage.

  • Invest in a Gun to Protect Your Ride from Theft

Thieves target sports cars because they?re valuable.

Use monitored lots, secured parking areas and garages to protect your car from theft. Don?t leave your ride unattended in places prone to theft. Make sure the areas are well lit.

Never leave your car running and take your keys with you. Make the interior less visible, hide valuables from sight and invest in tinted windows to deter theft.

Present challenges to make stealing your car less convenient, park your ride between other cars to make it invisible and use alarms to protect your exotic car from theft.

Consider investing in a HANDGUN for personal protection in case of attempted robbery with violence. With a gun, you can protect both your sports car and yourself. Unlike other types of guns, these are easy to learn how to use.

What?s more, they increase your personal safety.

  • Protect Your Sports Car from Harsh Weather Elements

Bad weather is a big hazard to your sports car. Hail can pelt your windscreen, the wind knocks branches of trees down and salt on roads wears down or corrodes the body of your exotic car. Each time you leave your car outside, Mother Nature gets an opportunity to cause damage to it.

Therefore, make sure that your car doesn?t stay outside for too long. However, it doesn?t mean that you get to drive your car less but give some thought to how and where you store your high-performance car between drives.

If you own a garage, simply park your sports car inside to protect it from bad weather conditions. If you lack a garage, consider using a metal carport for storage.

Metal carports are structures you can build easily on your property to protect your sports car when it?s parked.

Otherwise, a car cover would also come in handy to protect your sports car against weather conditions such as snow, and rain, including wind debris. During poor weather, don?t park your car under trees.

If you don?t have any other means of protecting your car from harsh weather elements, use car covers. Avoid parking your car under trees in bad weather. Instead, a cover is better than leaving your car out in the open.

  • Apply a Coat of Wax

A good coat of wax helps protect your exotic car from minor scrapes and scratches. What?s more, there?s no need to take your car to a local car wash that offers free waxing.

Buy a high-quality wax to apply to your sports car yourself, or visit a professional detailer for the same. Although DIY wax application entails a long process, it?s worth your effort.

Learn how to apply a coat of wax the do it yourself way. Otherwise, opt for professional car waxing services to add a coat of protective layer on the body of your sports car.

  • Drive Safely and Get Car Insurance

Drive your sports car safely to avoid accidents. Although you may be tempted to push your limits when driving, keep it safe.


You bought your high-performance car to go faster. However, an accident would cause serious damages to your vehicle. Obey the road rules and keep your speed under control to protect your sports car.

Car insurance is another great way to protect your exotic car. Even if you drive your car carefully, you still risk some kind of damage. Instead of paying for damages and repairs off your pocket, auto insurance will cover the unexpected costs.

Unlike regular car insurance, your sports car is insured differently.

  • Store Your Sports Car Properly in Winter

Find the right storage location to store your luxury car or muscle in winter till spring. Whether you intend to store your car in a local storage facility or your garage at home, make sure it?s free from excessive moisture to prevent rust.

Also, make sure it rests on an asphalt surface or a leveled concrete to avoid contaminants and moisture exposure.

Close all air vents to keep critters away, use steel wool to block the exhaust pipe from the inside to keep off rodents, and place mint leaves or mothballs all over the car to repel squirrels and mice.

Also, do the following:

  • Top off all fluids; antifreeze, fuel, oil, coolant, brake fluid, and windshield washer; and take the last ride to circulate the fluids in the system. Use a proper winter-blend washer fluid and antifreeze. Prolong the life of your fuel with a fuel stabilizer.
  • Inflate your tires when cold to their max PSI rating
  • Change your engine oil to refresh it and drive the car to heat it to its maximum operating temperature
  • Wash your exotic car inside out and let it dry
  • Lubricate all grease fittings with fresh grease and spray white lithium grease on door hinges and hood latch to prevent rust or corrosion
  • Place at least six-packs of desiccant silica gel inside the car to minimize moisture levels
  • Prop up the wiper blades to protect the windshield and separate it with a cloth from the glass to keep it in a good condition
  • Place baking soda on the floor of the car to keep the air smelling fresh
  • Spray silicone spray or dry Teflon lube on doors, windows, and the trunk to prevent bonding on all the weather stripping
  • Cancel collision or liability coverage parts of your auto insurance, leaving only comprehensive coverage to save on insurance
  • Reduce the tire air pressure to about 25 PSI and raise your car on jack stands
  • Connect your sports car?s battery to the clamps, plug it to a battery maintainer and set it up accordingly to protect it.
  • Cover the car with a breathable, water-resistant fabric for outdoor storage and a sheet for indoor storage; make sure the entire car is covered, including tires.

Conclusion If you follow these tips to the latter, expect your sports car to stay in shape and last long. What?s more, you?ll keep the resell value of your high-performance car high. Ranging from regular checkups and maintenance to auto insurance, you can protect your car in many ways as detailed in this article.