5 Sports to Enhance Your Race Driving Skills

Have you ever wondered just how much effort and time it costs to become a better race driver? Whatever be the cost, it boils down to honing one’s skills through consistent practice of specific moves, whether mental or physical. Many people take to playing racing games such as Gran Turismo (GT) games, and nowadays, some others are exploring digital racing adventures with virtual reality systems. But there’s more you can achieve if you avail yourself of other mind-engaging and refreshing sports.

How Does Sports Affect Driving?

A study involving 100 high school students found that students with the best driving performances were more indulged in sports than others who performed less satisfactorily. It was later revealed by another study, that the spatial perception of an individual tends to improve with increased participation in outdoor sports.

Interestingly, the influence of sports involvement on a driver’s performance was found to outweigh the gender factor. So, females who have strong sports backgrounds and are passionate about car racing can equally make a killing like their male counterparts. As Janet Guthrie – one of the most talented female racecar drivers ever – will always say, “racing is a matter of spirit, not strength.”

However, it’s pertinent to note that if you’re venturing into a new line of physical recreation, you must strike a balance between the hours of practice you spend on your extra sports activities and actual driving – well, except it is karting or rallycross.

Five Sports for Better Spurts

Below is a list of 5 recreational activities we found to be helpful to the performance of racecar drivers.


Gymnastics is vital for toning body muscles, improving bone health, increasing flexibility, and gaining more coordination. Practicing simple gymnastic moves like forward-roll and cartwheel can help you build stamina to withstand little jiggly bumps or severe, injurious turbulences.

Gymnastics helps to build self-discipline, and discipline, success. So if you are ready to create more physical toughness and mental strength to give your racing career a boost, you may want to consider getting a membership from an affordable gymnastic class near you.


Shooting is vital to the development of hand-eye coordination, and improvement of the shooter’s mind-management skill. Sir Jackie Stewart (alias Flying Scott), is a former British Formula One racing driver who leveraged on his shooting experience to make the most of his driving career. He often attributes his three-time world championship to the power of mind management he had mastered over constant shooting practices as a teenager.

When you shoot, you get to spice up your adrenaline rush, sharpen your focus, increase your energy levels, and put off some stress. These conditions suggest that shooting will make you a better car racer. Becoming an excellent shooter starts with making decisive purchases of only the best air guns. The fascination of shooting as a sport depends on how comfortably you handle your weapon.


Skiing is a weight-bearing activity, so it contributes significantly to bone development. Generally, stronger bones mean an increased resistance to knee damage, osteoporosis, and fractures of different degrees. While stronger bones may not be necessarily helpful for better driving experiences, it is more of an assurance that you’re protected from injuries and fractures that may occur at the extremes of driving.

Skiing, like any other workout for car racers, helps to boost body flexibility and balance. It’s an aerobic sport that is perfect for raising the heart rate and supplying your muscles with ample oxygen to keep you energized.


Squash helps its participants to build concentration and heighten the golden trait of competitiveness. It promotes flexibility, agility, strength, and hand-eye coordination in players. What are all these, if not an invaluable skill set that every great race driver needs to become a trailblazer in the world of car racing?

Of all the sports listed in this article, squash is the most comfortable to play and improve on, within a short length of time. It’s less stressful to start since squash gear is highly affordable, there’s excellent ease of finding a partner (only one person), and low risks of sustaining injuries.


An old saying goes, “practice makes perfect,” and this is just the case with rallycross. It’s a form of extreme dirt motorsport that provides drivers with the opportunity to improve on their driving skills and do some self-assessment. An eight-cars racing adventure is usually an exciting event where drivers have to prove their competence in unfamiliar or impeding circuits.