Healthy Ways for Car Racers to Stay Hydrated

Competitive driving is a sport that requires energy and proper hydration.

Staying behind the wheels for long hours enduring the heat and mindful concentration subjects you to general fatigue, dehydration, muscle pain, and body inflammation.

The solution to all these temporary illnesses is proper nutrition and hydration.

Your nutrition a week before the big day is crucial; it gives you the right energy requirement to race with a stable mind.

On the big day, your body systems require water to keep them functioning at optimum levels.

We?ve had cases of car racers who, for some reason, couldn?t navigate after hours of racing only to realize they are dehydrated.

Did you know that a 2 percent loss of water in the body can lead to a 20 percent shutdown of all the systems?

The Car race sport

Just like athletics, car racing is a high performance. Besides, it drains you mentally and emotionally.

Your eyes and mind focus on the finishing line. As if that is not enough, you also need to be up to speed with your competitors.

Who doesn?t want to win the prize?

You?ve taken all the time to prepare for the day; you can?t afford to let it go down the drain because of health issues that you can avoid and get the ultimate price.

Here are some of the hydration tips to enhance your health before or while on the machine.

Drink lots of water

All body cells, including blood, contain 80 percent water. Deprivation of water in the body causes fatigue.

 It?s worse when engaged in a high-performance activity like athletics, car racing, and aerobic exercises.

This means you need to consume more of it to replenish the lost one. Ideally, your daily water consumption depends on your body weight.

 It would be best if you took half an ounce for every pound of your weight. You break the rule and consume more when you are engaged in physically- active sport.

We?ve hyped drinking water a lot as the primary way of keeping hydrated.

Take a break and ask yourself the kind of water you need to consume. Water is a natural resource which comes in two forms- soft water and hard water.

For this specific activity, soft water comes in handy. In case your sports venue has hard water; top water softener picks for your home is crucial.

Consult your doctor on hydration tips when under medications

When on special drugs like blood pressure tablets which remove excess salts and water, then you need to consult your doctor on the amount of water to consume while racing.

You can?t compromise your health for the benefit of earthly pleasures. Let your physician give you a clean bill of health on the quantity and quality of water you need to drink.

The advantage of this is that they can also give you an alternative. Medications shouldn?t limit you from following your passion, but a physician?s advice is prudent. Other illnesses to watch your water intake include

  • Diabetes
  • Heart-related illnesses
  • Kidney diseases

Run a self-test to determine your body hydration level

You need to learn your body and understand its functioning. Always run a self hydration test to assess your body fluid needs.

The most common one is the urine test. Check the color of your urine to determine if you need more or less water.

A hydrated body produces pale yellow urine. Dark-colored urine is a sign of dehydration. Besides, have urine strips for the same purpose.

Drink fresh juices as a post-recovery remedy

The advantage of juice is the hydration benefit and vitamins that have specific nutrients crucial during the recovery period.

While racing, you lose a lot of electrolytes to catch up with the activity at hand. Juices are renowned for faster recovery.

Practice take-water-only-when thirsty rule

Although experts insist on drinking water, too much of it can cause the body harm.

As you stock bottles of water in your car during the racing period, grab that bottle of water if you are thirsty, and the body thrives on having it.

The benefit of it is that it helps to utilize the fluid immediately. It gets to the body for faster recovery and replenishes the lost one for the proper functioning of the body organs.

Supplement fluid intake with energy drinks

If there is anything you need during this high-performance activity, then it?s the energy. For the racers who are ?allergic? to water, then energy drink is of benefit for two reasons.

They provide the required fluid but also boost your energy level to have the best.

Your body systems must function in the right way to ride the machine with all the power. What you consume in terms of food or fluid is essential for balancing body input and output.