Ways to Increase Your Car Show Attendance

Car shows are a great way to get people interested in your product. They can be an even better opportunity for you if you do them right! This blog post will give you some of the best tips out there on how to increase car show attendance and make sure that your next show is successful.

Create a unique car show display to catch people’s attention and lure them in.

  • Use a unique color scheme and design.
  • Utilize the space available to you for maximum effect by setting up each car or display on its platform, not just dropping onto the floor of your garage/shop like it’s always been done (which is why everyone seems to do this).
  • Think outside the box for additional ways to stand out, such as setting up a car show off-site or in an unusual location.

Offer free food and drinks at the event to attract people.

People are more likely to come if they know that there will be free food. Another way to increase attendance is by holding the event conveniently, whether in your parking lot or somewhere else nearby. If people can quickly get to where you have the show, the chances are high that many of them may attend because they can do other things in the area after visiting your show.

It’s not just free food that attracts. The people would be willing to pay as long as the food is excellent. You could set up a BBQ and sell it, make sure to get some grill mats to protect your cooking space, and get a kamado grill as it regulates airflow while cooking.

If you are planning on holding a car show for charity, then try to get involved with your local community by asking businesses and people who may be interested in donating something. For example, if you want to raise money for an animal shelter, ask all pet stores around town to contribute something to your car show.

Invite local celebrities, politicians, or other public figures to speak or judge cars.

You can do this by getting contact info for the people you want to attend your car show. Then, send them an email or make a phone call inviting them personally. There are many car fanatic celebrities and public figures that would be happy to join.

Some of these public figures may not come due to scheduling conflicts or other issues that prevent their attendance. However, one person might say yes! You never know unless you ask. You can also have a raffle or contest at your car show to win a prize, such as tickets for an upcoming sporting event in the area.

Hold an annual raffle for tickets to win prizes like money, trips, or new cars.

Everyone loves to have a chance to win something for free. You can use this opportunity as an advertising tool for your business too. Invite local businesses and car enthusiasts around you who are willing to donate gift cards, money, or other prizes that they will give away at the raffle drawing during your event! This way, people come in expecting to win something, and you can encourage them to check out your business.

Work with local businesses to increase the size of your raffle prize pool. Offer them a certain number of tickets in return for discounts or free advertising at their location or within signage during the event itself. You will need to offer more than one ticket per person, so this could limit the number of ticket holders you can have, but it will also allow your raffle to be more exciting.

Using social media is a great way to promote an upcoming car show! Ask everyone in your community who has their Facebook page or Twitter account to help spread the word about what’s going on at your event.

Give away prizes at random intervals throughout the day.

If you can, give away larger prizes like a flat-screen TV or iPads. Bring in food and give it away to get people hungry. Charge $50 for the registration fee. Bring a celebrity or two that’s known around town who can draw more people than just regular car enthusiasts.

Be sure to have a lot of volunteers and helpers. Make the show as big as possible by having something for everyone – whether it’s food, music or competitions – so people will stay longer than just an hour or two.


The best way to increase your car show attendance is through advertising. No matter how many cars you have, if nobody knows about it, then no one will come. Start by posting on social media and asking friends to share the event with their networks. You can also reach out to local news organizations or radio stations to get more exposure for your event. If that still isn’t enough, there are other ways you can advertise at a minimal cost, such as using flyers around town, giving away prizes for attending the event, or even partnering up with an organization like ours! We offer free services because we want people who love classic cars to enjoy them together without having any barriers put in their way.

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